The Carnegie Medal

I'm so thrilled that WINDFALL has been nominated for the Carnegie Medal. Thank you so much, UK librarians -- this means a lot! 


Windfall Tour

One month until Windfall comes out, and here's where I'll be -- hope to see you along the way! 

UK Cover

I'm so pleased to finally share the UK cover for WINDFALL, which will be out over there on May 4th!

HELLO GOODBYE in paperback!

If you haven't had a chance to read HELLO, GOODBYE, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN yet, it's now available in paperback -- and with a beautiful new cover. Happy reading!

Today's the Day!

HELLO, GOODBYE, AND EVERYTHING BETWEEN is finally out in the world. Thanks to all those who pre-ordered or who are planning to buy a copy this first week -- that's just about the nicest thing you can do for an author. I'm very excited about this book, so I hope you all enjoy it and I'm grateful -- as always -- for the support. Happy reading!